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UVision Decoy Kit - Mallard

  • $42.99

Parker's Mallard Kit contains 10 colors, including 3 UV reflective colors.

Enough paint is included to repaint 24 decoys. Download instructions.


#1 Green, head - One 4 oz. can

#2 White (UV), drake collar ring, tail borders and speculum borders on both hen and drake - One 4 oz. can

#3 Brown, chest - One 4 oz. can

#4 Bison brown, primaries, scapulars and speculum border on drake, upper tail coverts, primaries, back and scapulars, forehead, crown and hind neck, chest and side feather borders on hen - One 4 oz. can

#5 Black, upper tail coverts, cheek, forehead, crown, back of head and hind neck of drake, bill nail on drake and hen - One 4 oz. can

#6 Green gray (UV), body color for drake - One 8 oz. can

#7 Blue, speculum on drake and hen - One 4 oz. can #8 Tan, body color for hen - One 8 oz. can

#10 Cedar brown, hen bill color - One 4 oz. can

#11 Green gold (UV), drake bill color - One 4 oz. can

UVision ultraviolet (UV) reflective duck and goose decoy paint is designed for bird vision.

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