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Lumacept Coatings for UV Irradiation

Lumacept™ is a patented coatings technology specifically developed for use with UV-C disinfection devices. Because standard paint absorbs 93-97% of germicidal UV-C light, surfaces not in direct line-of-sight of the UV-C device are shadowed. Lumacept™ can reduce treatment times by 80% and can substantially increase germicidal effectiveness for indirect surfaces.
To learn more about the science behind Lumacept, including summaries of our published research, visit, or download our research whitepaper.


UVC-Max can achieve up to 10X the UV-C reflectivity of standard paint. It is intended for those customers who want the most UV-C reflective formulation available in order to maximize effectiveness or minimize treatment time. 
UVC-Bright can achieve up to 7X the UV-C reflectivity of standard paint. It is intended for those customers looking to balance cost and performance.  For many applications, UVC-Bright is our most frequently recommended option.


Can it be tinted?
Yes, we can easily match both UVC-Max and UVC-Bright to your existing colors. You can specify a standard color from a national paint manufacturer, or send us a color sample to match.

How is it applied?
Lumacept looks and feels just like traditional interior water-based paints.  It can be rolled, brushed, or sprayed.  Thinning with water is fine. However, other additives must be avoided as they may affect the UV-reflective properties.

What happens when I place an order?
Lumacept is shipped directly from our facilities.  After you order, the following happens:
1. For untinted coatings, your order will be shipped in 2-3 days.
2. For tinted coatings, we will match the color and send you a sample to approve.
3. After you approve, we produce and ship your order within 2-3 days.
Contact us for more details or to discuss your application.