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Tetramatch Coatings for Indoor Horticulture

Tetramatch Horticultural Coating (THC) is an ultrabright paint ideal for indoor growing applications.  

Features of Tetramatch:

  • Greater than 92% reflective over the entire visible light range (400-700 nm). 
  • Greater than 85% reflective for UV light above 365 nm.
  • Greater than 70% reflective above 300 nm.

    In terms of total UV-Visible reflectivity, Tetramatch outperforms any bright white or ultra white paint we've tested.  It is even more reflective than many grow films currently on the market, and it creates a much friendlier environment in which to work. 

    The result of all this added reflection is substantially more light hitting your plants and less light wasted by being absorbed by the walls. More efficient light usage means lower energy costs.

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