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Tetramatch Case Study

One of the first customers to use our product decided to first set up a controlled test to compare Tetramatch to another white paint he purchased from a local big box store. 

To run this comparison, he built a 12" x 12" x 24" wooden box and used it along with two different light sources and sensors:

Light Source Bulb Sensor
 Visible Light Phillips 100W LED Apogee SQ-520 PAR
UVB Light 26W ReptiSun 10.0 Solar Meter UVB


During each trial, the bulb was placed in the corner of the box while the sensor was positioned in the middle.  He first tested the box unpainted, then with the standard paint, and, finally, with Tetramatch. Here are the results:

For visible light, Tetramatch improved the light intensity by 31%.  However, an even greater improvement was seen in ultraviolet light- a 317% increase!


His comments: "Results impress me. Much more reflective, reflects UV well and seems easier to clean than flat white. Great product.....Very impressed!"